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california marijuana

08 Aug Ongoing ‘harassment’ of Los Angeles marijuana businesses creates climate of fear

By John Schroyer

Los Angeles may be on its way to becoming the epicenter of the cannabis industry, but many marijuana firms still feel persecuted.

Although L.A. voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure to establish cannabis business rules, companies still face police raids or other harassment from city agencies,...

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03 Aug Marijuana company buys California town envisioning cannabis Epcot Center

By John Schroyer

An Arizona-based ancillary marijuana company said Thursday it’s taken the arguably historic step of purchasing an entire town with the aim of transforming it into a cannabis tourism mecca.

American Green, based in Phoenix, paid $5 million for the 80-acre town of Nipton near...

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31 Jul California lawmakers seek to expedite cannabis rulemaking

In a move to ensure they can meet their January 2018 deadline to establish a new regulatory system for medical and recreational marijuana businesses, California legislators have established an “emergency rulemaking process” that won’t include a normal public comment period.

The lawmakers fear that...

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27 Jul Marijuana companies bolstering California governor’s race

Cannabis-related firms have so far thrown over $300,000 behind Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, one of the top contenders to win the state’s governor’s race next year.

Newsom was one of the more prominent public officials to back recreational marijuana legalization last year when...

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20 Jul Raid on Los Angeles marijuana grow has Teamsters up in arms

A raid by local police on a marijuana cultivation facility in Los Angeles has a chapter of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters crying foul.

A spokeswoman for Teamsters Joint Council 42 called the raid on THC Design “ridiculous,” according to a news release.


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27 Jun California cannabis rules taking shape: Q&A with MJ attorney Khurshid Khoja

By John Schroyer

California took a big step forward in June by passing a law designed to streamline government oversight for the state's medical and recreational marijuana industries.

Because the new measure combines two laws, it’s complicated.

So Marijuana Business Daily enlisted cannabis attorney Khurshid Khoja to help break it down.

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16 Jun CA lawmakers approve merger of rec, MMJ regulatory systems

The California legislature approved a state budget plan that includes a proposal from Gov. Jerry Brown to merge the regulatory systems for both medical and recreational marijuana businesses.
The implications of the move are enormous for cannabis compan...

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15 Jun Los Angeles cannabis stakeholders join forces to influence regulations

In response to Los Angeles’ issuance of draft regulations for marijuana businesses, three organizations are joining forces to lobby for “comprehensive and equitable” industry rules.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union, the United Cannabis Business Association and the L.A. Cannabis Task Force...

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09 Jun Los Angeles releases draft regulations for marijuana industry

The city of Los Angeles released a much-anticipated draft of recreational and medical marijuana business regulations, though much of the rulemaking must still be completed in coming months.

“The release of this draft ordinance is a crucial step in the city’s effort...

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08 Jun Los Angeles creates map of city’s medical marijuana dispensaries

It definitely isn’t Weedmaps. But Los Angeles has released a map of identified medical marijuana dispensaries within the city limits, in part so consumers can look up whether retail locations have had criminal charges filed against them.


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