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29 Jun New Washington state cannabis regulations reflect concern about federal threat

By Bart Schaneman

Washington state’s updated marijuana rules serve notice that regulators are feeling pressure from a U.S. attorney general who opposes legalized cannabis.

The regulations guide the state’s cannabis businesses toward stricter compliance with the Cole Memo – the sector’s best...

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28 Jun Colorado credit union wins ruling against Kansas City Fed

A Colorado credit union aiming to serve cannabis businesses won a partial victory Thursday after a U.S. appeals court ruled the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City cannot block access to a special account Fourth Corner Credit Union needs to do business.

The decision is at...

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28 Jun Trouble surrounds two medical marijuana firms with Vireo ties

Cannabis cultivation companies in Maryland and Pennsylvania are involved in controversies because of their ties to multistate medical marijuana company Vireo Health.

MaryMed, a medical cannabis cultivation licensee in Maryland formerly owned by Vireo, was told it won’t receive its final license, while 

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28 Jun Report: Demand for legal cannabis products dipped in April

Demand for legal marijuana products decreased by more than 1.1% in April, according to a new index that monitors the U.S. cannabis industry in states where the drug is legal.

Cannabis producers should take heart, however: Anderson Economic Group’s inaugural AndCan Index shows...

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28 Jun Company behind MJBizDaily in legal dispute with former exec

The parent company of Marijuana Business Daily is involved in a legal dispute with its former president and publisher over several employment-related issues, including those tied to his termination, compensation and noncompete agreement.

Rhode Island-based Anne Holland Ventures recently filed a lawsuit in Denver County District...

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28 Jun Cannabis firm’s exposure from Dennis Rodman trip hailed as ‘truly genius’ marketing

By John Schroyer

Ancillary cannabis firm PotCoin grabbed national media attention in mid-June when it sponsored former NBA star Dennis Rodman's highly publicized trip to North Korea.

The coverage was considered a coup as major mainstream outlets such as CNN, The Washington Post and Business Insider picked...

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27 Jun Nevada recreational marijuana sales to launch Saturday

Licensed Nevada medical marijuana dispensaries can start selling recreational cannabis as planned on Saturday despite an ongoing legal battle, state officials said.

Nevada intends to appeal a district judge’s order that only alcohol wholesalers can obtain cannabis distribution licenses, but that won’t affect the...

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27 Jun Canadian firm strikes deal to cultivate MJ in southern Africa

Canadian marijuana companies continue to expand their reach beyond their nation’s borders.

LGC Capital, a Canadian investment firm, has partnered with AfriAg to cultivate and distribute medical and recreational marijuana across the southern region of Africa, according to a news release.

The long-range goal...

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27 Jun California cannabis rules taking shape: Q&A with MJ attorney Khurshid Khoja

By John Schroyer

California took a big step forward in June by passing a law designed to streamline government oversight for the state's medical and recreational marijuana industries.

Because the new measure combines two laws, it’s complicated.

So Marijuana Business Daily enlisted cannabis attorney Khurshid Khoja to help break it down.

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26 Jun Alaska to weigh three onsite marijuana consumption proposals

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board next month will consider three proposals to allow onsite consumption in marijuana retail stores.

Under the board members’ recommendations, which will be considered at a July 11-14 meeting:

  • Customers would be allowed to try marijuana at a store, then would have to...

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