| 6 Month Report/Update for CBE Press: What’s Next
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6 Month Report/Update for CBE Press: What’s Next

08 Jun 6 Month Report/Update for CBE Press: What’s Next

After interviewing so many CEO’s of pure play cannabis businesses, I thought I would report to you our readers, where CBE Press is six (6) months after our formal November 12, 2014 launch on and provide you with and update on what is coming next!

When we launched, CBE’s goal was to provide our 3 core target audiences (#1 licensees and owners of production, processing and retail cannabis operations, #2 owners and partners of ancillary businesses supplying business product and services to the above, and #3 federal and state regulatory & government employees)  with a website that they could use as a one stop hub to interact with their peers and customers, stay abreast of the best practices involving a number of disciplines to run their businesses effectively and efficiently to maximize profitability, and to aggregate news and resources that do the same.

With over 1,350 stories posted on the site, 1 weekly and 3 monthly newsletters, over 12,000 subscribers acquired, CBE has accomplished a lot but has so much more work to do to provide the industry’s mover’s and shakers and leadership with the information they need to grow their businesses.Our recently completed readership survey has confirmed that we are attracting the buying audience that marketers of products and services would like to sell to and makes CBE and its media resources a viable option versus the over saturated trade show arena that has to date, been their first line of defense. Feel free to reach out, we are happy to share the results with all of you.

Fueling CBE’s growth has been the terrific industry expert columnists that have agreed to share their expertise with you and, in response to your requests for new areas of coverage, CBE Press will be introducing several new expert columnists over the next couple of months to specifically provide information covering the following beats:

  • Cultivation from soup to nuts
  • Packaging and regulations
  • More RFP HotLists and Ranking stories
  • Coverage of the private investment opportunities and public sector companies that are pure cannabis industry plays

Yours truly will also embark on road trips over this summer to visit PPRs on both the east and west coast while chronicling my trips and meetings that will take place from Maine to New Jersey and from San Diego to Northern California with my partner John Hollon. We want to hear and share your story on how you and your team have built your business and look forward to your hospitality. And, we will continue to cover and vet as many trade shows as we can so our audiences have a voice to rely on on where to spend their marketing dollars effectively.

Over the next couple of days, you will also notice our new look as we improve the content presentation on our site and the navigation to help you find the content that will help us all build the fastest growing industry in the US for years to come. And of course, please don’t be shy about letting us know what we are doing well or not so well so we can continue to serve all of you.


Rob Meagher

Founder, President & Editor-in-Chief

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