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Responses to Rhetorical Questions

07 Jul Responses to Rhetorical Questions

Three Characteristics Needed for BEST Extraction Operators

It is always a question I am asked. It is a rhetorical question really.

  • “What are the qualifications of someone operating a CO2 extraction instrument?”
  • “What questions should be asked during the interview process that will give us indicators of skill to be successful?”
  1. Tell me a little about your relationship with older and younger siblings?
  2. Since you have gotten your license, how many traffic violations have you had, including those when you only received a warning?
  3. Tell me a little about your automobiles you have owned or driven? How often do you change oil? What about the other fluids? Naming them and why important is a follow up.

These three questions will give you some very good insight into the ability to excel at operating a CO2 extraction instrument.

They can potentially uncover attitudes necessary for following protocols and understanding the need for compliance and team work as well as the essential principles for taking care of instruments for their long term uses.

  1. According to the studies of characteristics of people based on their position in family, the middle child is compliant,a  negotiator and wants to please others, uses informal and formal roles of leadership and as manager.

This translates into having someone operating the CO2 instrument within the boundaries of it capabilities and the rules of chemistry and physics. They understand that to please others that the instrument must be highly productive. Instrument uptime and productivity makes everyone happy. Going outside of boundaries means unhappy people.

  1. Traffic violations are an indication of someone who does not respect the reasons that speed limits and traffic signs are in place. In their mind, they are annoying obstructions to their desires and so, if not totally ignored they are at least pushed to limits they think they can get away with in today’s world. There are standards for traffic signs. Some are about schools, some for crowded neighborhoods, and others for dangerous curves on road. There are also signs when the road conditions change from the routine, like construction, frost heaves, flooding, snow, rain, etc. that need to be considered.

If this person routinely pushes the envelope of allowable speed, then they will push the limits on CO2 outside of the characteristics for the unnegotiable laws of chemistry and physics. There is no negotiation of these rules. Ignoring or disobeying them will have severe consequences in some cases. The instrument will not violate them, so it will have unscheduled downtime.

  1. Maintenance of automobile demonstrated the understanding that not doing routine maintenance is important for keeping the instrument running at it factory setting for long time. It is a scientific machine, it is not a car. The oil in pump, the pump seals and check valves, the seal on the tubing and the cleaning of the system inside and out is essential for a safe product and a maximized program. Not knowing where the brake fluid or steering fluid for car is important.

The last one that I have seen, in addition to these is the curiosity and desire to learn more about the science and how instrument works. The desire to know more and understand the detailed principles demonstrates wants to know more about the instrument.

I have seen hundreds of operators now in the cannabis market. These are the people that are most productive for company and do not blame the instrument or others for the consequences of their behaviors and actions. These are people that will raise the bar for companies and bring in thousands of dollars for the company. It comes down to attitude to science, aptitudes toward laws of physics and chemistry and appetite for constantly learning.

May you extract the BEST from your day,


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